Earth from Outer Space - NASA Photograph

We believe that people who fall in love with nature will naturally be concerned about the earth’s health and well-being.

In today’s world, the news is full of dire warnings about present and future environmental disasters. While these warnings should not be ignored and actions should be taken to reduce negative impacts, our goal is not to directly romote environmental activism. Rather, our mission is to help people connect with nature through the lens of celebration and gratefulness, an emotional and spiritual process that is likely to reinforce a conservation ethic.

How can we hurt what we love? The doorway to love is to intimately touch upon the miracle of being. And that is what we hope to foster through our high quality, multimedia celebrations of life around us. If we help instill a sense of wonder so strong that it leads to a deep and lasting bond with nature, then we will have accomplished our primary goal … to encourage a love of nature that is not only good for individuals, but good for the earth and all its creatures, including humankind.


  1. I have lived in a lot of places and spent a lot of time outdoors. Birds have always been a favorite. Ever since the big bird project I did in the eighth grade growing up in PA. I really liked to listen to the owl hooting next to the high school when I lived in Cut Bank, and the Sand Hill Cranes down in Orlando. But the icing on the cake had to be at Fort Campbell. I was there 2003-2004 and though it was neat how at sunset birds there would start to whistle the first few notes of “To The Colors”.

  2. Dear Mr. Lang and Team,
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing archive of video and sound. I am an amateur photographer and naturalist at heart. For me, nature is where it’s at! Nature and travel are my top two passions. Recently I have felt compelled to begin photographing and recording video and sound of nature in my part of the country, the beautiful Laurel Highland of Pennsylvania.
    My hope is the same as yours, to provide others with something to inspire an appreciation of the wonders of the natural world, to give something therapeutic to those in nursing homes and people who suffer from seasonal effective disorder.
    I greatly appreciate what you are doing and plan on sharing this website with others. Your short films at have brought me here. I spent all morning letting your videos play and it makes me feel at peace and happy on this very cold (-4 degrees) winter day!
    Thanks again!

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