An Open Door — Trickling Brook Reflections

I have landed in Desoto State Park in northeastern Alabama, hoping to videotape Catesbys’ Trillium, an attractive species with beautiful “nodding” flowers that hang from down-curved stalks. While I found a number of specimens along the trails, none were in flower, though I spotted numerous swollen flower buds. Maybe they’ll burst open in a few days (after I’ve left the area).

Just before dusk, I discovered some amazing wavelets and reflections in a quiet section of a stream just above a waterfall. The patterns were entrancing. Some of my favorite clips are featured in the following brief video. I am calling it “An Open Door” because the patterns are hypnotic, begging one to step across the threshold and enter into the heart of nature, as if through an open door:

placeholder image for An Open Door video clip


  1. So peaceful and melodic. Love the interplay of light reflections and the serendipitous patterns formed by the movement of the water in the sand. The quietness of nature sounds in the background embellish the tricking of the water. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for capturing that moment in time.

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