Baltimore Oriole – Fledgling Fun

A couple of days ago, Marie Read and I were fortunate to discover a Baltimore Oriole nest in the swampy, floodplain forest along the Barge Canal, just north of Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge in beautiful upstate New York.

Baltimore Oriole – Nestling Calls. June 13, near Seneca Falls, NY. Recorded by Lang Elliott

Photo of Baltimore Oriole nestlings © Marie ReadMarie heard the begging calls of the young from nearly two-hundred feet away. I rushed ahead and soon discovered the nest, hanging from a silver maple tree limb, directly over the road (we could see droppings on the pavement below). The young were very noisy indeed, giving their nasal “dee-dee-dee-dee” calls and softer trilled variations. Both call types can be heard in the recording above.

The lighting was rather bad, but we managed to get some nice photos and even some fairly decent video footage of calling young (to be featured in a later blog post). The time for fledging is certainly upon us! Marie tells me she has been hearing oriole begging calls all over the place, as the excited nestlings prepare to fledge by leaping and flying into the big and thrilling world of limbs and leaves that surround them. We cannot help but wish them the best of luck, feathered wonders that they are!

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