Birds, Birds, and More Birds

Hey everybody! I haven’t posted in a number of days, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Aside from spending time with my sister here in Columbia, Missouri, I’ve been taking every opportunity to get some field work done. Carl Gerhardt has shown me some great locations, and Beth Bannister has been my ever-so-competent field assistant.

Here are some frame-grabs from video clips that I hope to post sometime soon, but how on earth will I find the time? I’m excited!

photo of singing Red-winged Blackbird

photo of Eastern Meadowlark singing

photo of singing Horned Lark

photo of Orchard Oriole calling

photo of a Dickcissel singing

photo of singing Black-and-White Warbler

photo of a Common Yellowthroat singing


  1. The only one that hasn’t been posted is the video of the Common Yellowthroat. It should be called “Yellowthroat Portrait.”

  2. Gorgeous shots! The meadowlark blows me away. So what are you and 120 dickcissels up to???


  3. Wow, an even larger list! Very cool. Just terrific that you are getting this material. Very exciting.

  4. I too, can’t wait for the videos and sound clips! Common or not, most of us will never have experiences this clear! And, I’ve always loved the gentleness of the mourning dove…beautiful work!

  5. Yes, a goldmine of common birds, more or less. Nothing exotic here. Dickcissels are a dime a dozen in the countryside around Columbia (in fact, I just threw a dollar down and bought 120 of ’em!).

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