Canada Warbler Video Portrait

The Canada Warbler is a beauty to behold, slate gray above and bright yellow below, with a prominent dark black “necklace” decorating its breast. Northern in distribution (see range map below), this species inhabits forests with luxuriant undergrowth and also dense second-growth thickets, where it may be seen behaving like a flycatcher—suddenly darting from the shrubbery to snatch insects from the air.

The Canada Warbler’s song is a staccato outburst of notes that are not particularly musical: chippy-chappy-chippety-chip. To my ear, it sounds like a high-pitched version of the White-eyed Vireo’s snappy song. On May 28 and 29, I was fortunate to come across a cooperative male at the Cornell University’s Arnot Teaching and Research Forest, about fifteen miles south of Ithaca, New York. Here are some of the highlights of my video session:

placeholder image for the Canada Warbler video clip

Canada Warbler range map thumbnail

click map for large view with explanation.


  1. Excellent videos! In extreme southwestern Michigan, there’s a local breeding population of Canada Warblers at Warren Dunes State Park. So my and my mom (I’m 14) headed over there. Sure enough, we saw two quite up close, and heard quite a few others. The second one was a beautiful sight. It was singing and hopping around right in the open. On this same day at the same location, I also saw Scarlet Tanagers, Eastern Towhees, and Baltimore Orioles. In addition, I heard American Redstarts and an Ovenbird.

    This trip was on May 26, 2012.

  2. Lang, this is great. I was just out on Saturday and we heard this bird singing often, but so hard to see. What a treat to watch him sing with such clarity, and appreciate the exquisite beauty of the bird.
    Nice work!

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