An Orgy of Toads

The breeding season of frogs and toads is upon us, with one species after the other kicking into action as spring unfolds. American Toads will soon be calling, their sweet, dreamy trills blanketing the landscape both day and night. Last year about this time, I came across a frenzy of mating toads, partaking in a phenomenal orgy of activity … [Read more...]


During our discussion of what makes a recording relaxing, my friend Dorothy Gracey commented that "distant thunder/rain and a soft frog chorus would be heavenly." So I've decided to give her what she wants. I made the following recording, which I call ThunderToads, in early April of 2000, at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky (which you've … [Read more...]

Treefrog Mates With Toad?

Thunderstorms dropped heavy rain on western Kentucky on April 24, so I wasn't surprised that frogs and toads burst into action that evening: Frog and Toad Chorus with Lang talking - recorded 24 April 2010 by Lang Elliott at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. The major species singing were the Cope's Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis), whose … [Read more...]

American Toad Dreams

Henry David Thoreau referred to the mating call of the American Toad as "the dream of the toad." In his diary entry of October 26, 1853, he remembers back to spring and the day he first heard those magical sounds: "I was going home to dinner, past a shallow pool, which was green with spring grass, and where a new house was about being erected, … [Read more...]