Coqui Calling

Here is a brief video clip of a Common Coqui singing. Note how he warms up with single low-pitched notes before launching into his full call: ko ... ko ... ko ... ko-keee ... ko-keee ... ko-keee ... I hope you like my coqui video. This was the only male I found who lent himself well to being videotaped. Please let me know what you think of … [Read more...]

Coqui Retrospect

What a shocking change … in a matter of just six hours we transition from a humid tropical rainforest biome with temperatures in the high 80s (F) to a late winter north temperate snow-covered landscape with temperatures in the 30s. This seems almost incongrous, with coquis still sounding off in my head as a frigid breeze blows against my face. How … [Read more...]

Tinklers, Pippers and P’teekers

The Common Coqui (Eleutherodactylus coqui) is not the only member of the genus to inhabit the forests, fields, and roadsides of Puerto Rico. I believe there are sixteen species altogether. While I made no effort to search them all out, I did stumble upon several having interesting calls. My favorite (other than E. coqui) is a frog I have named … [Read more...]

Coqui Magic Night

  We arrived safely in Puerto Rico on Thursday afternoon and made our way without incident to the Casa Cabuy Ecolodge on the south edge of El Yunque National Forest. Quite a beautiful location, but we were disappointed to find that loud stream noise permeated the entire area ... without doubt, we will have to hike into the high country to … [Read more...]