Screeches in the Night

The first leg of my Australia trip involved driving from my hometown of Ithaca, New York to Columbia, Missouri, where Carl Gerhardt, my co-traveler lives. His home is on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River. I arrived yesterday evening and immediately noticed that it was dead-calm. So when darkness fell I walked the ridge trail to a small … [Read more...]

Shindagin Hollow Overlook

Of the many soundscape impressions I've gathered in Shindagin Hollow, this morning's dawn chorus ranks among the best. For me, it was magical indeed, as I sat in the still darkness at the top of an overlook, immersed in listening as the twittering of the birds gradually expanded with the light. Though late in the season for bird song, there is … [Read more...]

Owl Screams and Elk Bugles

Everyone knows that Barred Owls hoot, but have you ever heard a Barred Owl scream? I'm not talking about the hissy screeches made by begging young—I'm referring to full-bodied screams produced by adults? I have only heard this several times in my life and I've never been able to record it. In fact, I was of the opinion that nobody had a good … [Read more...]