Carolina Wren – Alarm Calls

We have a pair of Carolina Wrens nesting in a gutter next to our porch overhang. Quite often, the male sits on the nearby limb of an oak and sings his heart out. So today I decided to videotape his singing performance. I set up my tripod and camera and within a minute or two he showed up, giving one song from a very nice-looking perch, and then … [Read more...]

Cat Concern

Everyone knows that house cats and wild birds are not the best of friends. Cats that wander yards and forest edge are likely to pick off a lot of birds, especially vulnerable young at fledging time. Follow a cat around and you're sure to discover that adult birds pay close attention to the cat's movements, and respond with alarm calls that key you … [Read more...]

Carolina Wren Teenage Song

After recording a young male Carolina Wren practicing his songs outside my window yesterday morning, I felt the need to snag a cleaner example of his "juvenile" performance. So today I ventured out a little before 5am with my largest parabolic mic in hand. I didn't hear any wrensong at all until around 5:30am at which time I quickly homed-in on the … [Read more...]

Wren in the Shrub

Sometimes a little miracle arrives when least expected. While laying in bed this morning half-asleep at around 7am, a Carolina Wren suddenly began singing from a shrub right outside my window, but his performance was not typical by any means. So I roused myself, snatched my iPhone from the bedside table, opened my sound recorder app, and excitedly … [Read more...]

Hawk, Robin, and Wren

Given that I've been working the theme of animals giving alarm calls in the presence of hawks, I can't help but post the following recording that I made with the help of my friend Karen Edelstein. Last July, Karen alerted me that immature Red-tailed Hawks were frequently perching and calling in the woods behind her house. So I showed up one … [Read more...]