Chipping Sparrow Trilling

April 23, 2010, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, 7:15 am: An hour or two after recording the dawn song of a Chipping Sparrow (see Chipping Sparrow - Commonplace Bird), I was able to collect some video of the same bird singing "normal" songs: The male is sounding off while perched on a steel cable fence next to a parking lot. Note that … [Read more...]

Chipping Sparrow Dawn Song

When it comes to nature, I never tire of the commonplace, of the little miracles that occur right outside my door. It is April 23, 2010, at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. I rise at 4:30 am, roll out of my tent, and drive to the Nature Station, arriving at first light. I've come here to get a really clean recording of the dawn song of a … [Read more...]