Sorting Out the Singers at the Pond

And that brings us to a third species heard in the recording – the Eastern Meadowlark - a species you might not associate with a pond. They’re here because of the large meadow areas that adjoin this pond. Meadowlarks are fairly large and quite striking, but it’s amazing how well they disappear into the color and texture of the meadow. Like many … [Read more...]

Invitation to a Concert at the Pond

Greetings, everyone! Lisa Rainsong here. I’m a professional musician who is also a naturalist. When I’m not in the classroom teaching music theory or performing onstage as a professional singer, I’m probably out in the field recording the songs of birds, crickets, katydids, amphibians, and anything else that “sings.” When Lang invited me … [Read more...]

Eastern Meadowlark – Whistler of the Meadows

See-Yee-See-Yer or Spring-O-The-Year whistles the Eastern Meadowlark from its perches in meadows and along roadsides in rural areas. It is perhaps my favorite song of the grasslands of eastern North America. These clips were gathered at Bradford Farm Experimental Station, an agricultural research facility of the University of Missouri (about … [Read more...]

Birds, Birds, and More Birds

Hey everybody! I haven't posted in a number of days, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Aside from spending time with my sister here in Columbia, Missouri, I've been taking every opportunity to get some field work done. Carl Gerhardt has shown me some great locations, and Beth Bannister has been my ever-so-competent field assistant. Here … [Read more...]