Catbird NightSong

Stillness reigns as sunlight dims ... The catbird's liquid strain. A farewell song that greets the night As twilight's glow begins to wane ... Wistful dreams of sweet refrain. While thinking more about the possible melancholy aspect of catbird song (see Catbird Melancholia?), I remembered a recording I made over twenty years ago, in the dead … [Read more...]

Catbird Melancholia?

Have you ever listened to a catbird singing at dusk, at the leading edge of a midsummer's night? And have you noticed that the song often takes on a melancholy quality, a plaintive tone? I have noticed this, though I'm not sure others do. Maybe it's just my ears, or else my particular uniqueness of mind ... or both. So tonight, on the evening of … [Read more...]

Cat Concern

Everyone knows that house cats and wild birds are not the best of friends. Cats that wander yards and forest edge are likely to pick off a lot of birds, especially vulnerable young at fledging time. Follow a cat around and you're sure to discover that adult birds pay close attention to the cat's movements, and respond with alarm calls that key you … [Read more...]