Magic Mountain Thrush

In June of 2011 I visited the Uncompahgre Mountains of western Colorado to record nature soundscapes. On my last day there, I stopped my car in a dense forested area at around 10,000 feet elevation, where there was still a considerable amount of snow on the ground. That's when I heard him, way off in the distance, a lone Hermit Thrush singing. This … [Read more...]

Shindagin Hollow Overlook

Of the many soundscape impressions I've gathered in Shindagin Hollow, this morning's dawn chorus ranks among the best. For me, it was magical indeed, as I sat in the still darkness at the top of an overlook, immersed in listening as the twittering of the birds gradually expanded with the light. Though late in the season for bird song, there is … [Read more...]

Hermit Satori – A Thrushen Dream

Deep in the dark, primeval forest, a feathered hermit dreams a song, a silken melody fit for the heavens. Awakened, enlightened, fluting pure light: What more is there to say? Listen ... let the sound explain. Okay, I admit it, I slowed down Hermit Thrush songs, "purified" them somewhat using special software, and then removed silent … [Read more...]

Words Cannot Describe

Words cannot adequately describe the following recording—to even try to put words to it would mute its brilliance, dampen its magic. I only ask that you relax into this soundscape, that you sink your being into this unbelievable mix of sounds. Rest assured there are no tricks here, no layering of recordings. This sound-event really did happen, … [Read more...]

Greenly Thrush

A Tribute to F. Schuyler Mathews

For those who can read music, the Field Book of Wild Birds and their Music by composer and naturalist F. Schuyler Mathews is a real treat (the book was first published in 1904). Mathews worked very hard at converting the songs of our native birds into musical nomenclature, with varying degrees of success. One species with songs that translated … [Read more...]