Horned Lark – Cornstalk Songster

Here are some Horned Lark video highlights from yesterday evening, May 11, gathered just before sunset at the Bradford Farm Experimental Station near Columbia, Missouri. Beth Bannister did the sound recording while I videotaped the bird, who sang from the tops of broken cornstalks. Note that the male mostly sings normal brief songs, but a single … [Read more...]

Horned Lark Flight Song

It is the evening of May 4, 2010. Carl Gerhardt and I drive slowly along a dirt road in the Missouri river bottoms about fifteen miles south of Columbia, Missouri. We hear faint jumbles of high-pitched tinkling notes coming from the muddy fields on both sides of the road. These are the songs of Horned Larks—magical tinkling outbursts that remind me … [Read more...]