“Blue” Songbirds Video

There seem to be few "blue" songbirds. So I picked three eastern ones: Eastern Bluebird, Indigo Bunting, and Blue Grosbeak. So why not Blue Jays? Well, have you heard any lovely melodies from one yet? I have always enjoyed watching Eastern Bluebirds, but only recently have I paid much attention to their lovely, lilting songs. By contrast, I have … [Read more...]

Indigo Buntings Are Back

It is April 29 at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. They've been back for several days, the Indigo Buntings, our delightful deep blue "indigo birds." Males are singing like crazy as they set up their territories in shrubby clearings surrounded by forest. I was lucky to find a cooperative male this morning, and he provided me with a splendid … [Read more...]