Shindagin Hollow Overlook

Of the many soundscape impressions I've gathered in Shindagin Hollow, this morning's dawn chorus ranks among the best. For me, it was magical indeed, as I sat in the still darkness at the top of an overlook, immersed in listening as the twittering of the birds gradually expanded with the light. Though late in the season for bird song, there is … [Read more...]

Scarlet Tanager – Flame of Spring

Well folks, I've managed to snag some pretty good video footage of a singing and calling Scarlet Tanager. What an unbelievable bird—lucky for me he didn't catch the forest on fire! Now it's late afternoon and time for me to quit laboring away at the public library in Cadiz, Kentucky, and get myself back out into the field. Thy duty, … [Read more...]