Invitation to a Concert at the Pond

Greetings, everyone! Lisa Rainsong here. I’m a professional musician who is also a naturalist. When I’m not in the classroom teaching music theory or performing onstage as a professional singer, I’m probably out in the field recording the songs of birds, crickets, katydids, amphibians, and anything else that “sings.” When Lang invited me … [Read more...]

Song Sparrow Video Portrait

The Song Sparrow is very common in the countryside surrounding my hometown of Ithaca, New York. Although I haven't worked very hard at obtaining stellar footage, I did have manage to pull off two productive video sessions last spring. In one, the bird was illuminated by the rich yellow-orange hues of the rising sun. In the other, bright overcast … [Read more...]

Song Sparrow Serenade

Song Sparrow recorded in Berkeley County WV. 6 June 2009 © Wil Hershberger. A binaural recording. One of my favorite songs of spring is that of the Song Sparrow. The stereo recording above features a wonderfully talented virtuoso. His voice is so clear and enchanting I could listen to him all day. I recorded him near my home in West Virginia. … [Read more...]