Gentle Wills

I've told this story time and again. I search through my collection of soundscape recordings that feature particular species and I am disappointed to find that most of the time I got too close, the recordings overpowering the average listener who prefers gentle soundscapes over striking closeups. Such is the case with the Whip-poor-will. I've … [Read more...]

Whip-poor-will Song and “gur-gur” Calls

[singlepic id=118 w=350 float=left]Once I found the Whip-poor-will that was singing from an accessible location (see Whip-poor-will Pwips & Mystery Bird Sound), I went back several times to capture additional recordings of this wonderful song. Little did I know what was in store for me. After setting up the mics and stringing the cable back … [Read more...]

Whip-poor-will Pwips & Mystery Bird Sound

I was stumbling around in the dark an hour before sunrise, setting up the SASS and stringing the mic cable back to the blind (my truck in this case)—it was 5AM. I got the recorder up and running, set a pleasing level that I assumed would keep close-by birds from distorting once they woke up. All was quiet, I waited for the first sounds. Shortly, … [Read more...]