Mesquite Nightscape

I've been working on a soundscape collection I'm going to call Insect Lullabies, featuring recordings that will lull you to sleep, at least when played at fairly low volume. One of my favorites is yet another jewel recorded by my buddy Ted Mack, this one made during our 2005 visit to Chaparral Wildlife Management Area in southern Texas (see … [Read more...]

Coyote Echos

Way back in 1994 (seems like yesterday), Ted Mack and I traveled for nearly six months, gathering soundscapes and species recordings. While visiting Valentine National Wildlife Refuge in northcentral Nebraska, Ted managed to snag a close-and-clean recording of a coyote barking and howling, with others sounding off in the distance: Coyote barking … [Read more...]

Coyote Interlude

It is 9:30 pm near our campsite in the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in southwestern Kentucky. Sunset was a few hours ago and the moon is up and almost full. I am standing on a dirt road with a marshy area in front of me and a wooded hillside to my back. The recorder has been on for several minutes, capturing the exquisite early … [Read more...]