Chipmunk Clucks Revisited

Sometimes one's memory is not so good. After telling a friend that I only had three solid observations of chipmunks responding to aerial predators by giving cluck calls, I went back to my original published study from 1978 and discovered that I had actually recorded a whopping seventeen (17) instances of this behavior, not just three as I had … [Read more...]

The Chipping Munk

With regard to yesterday's Clucking Munk post, which featured a recording of the Eastern Chipmunk's "aerial predator alarm call," some folks asked me to provide an example of its counterpart: the "ground predator alarm call." So I've decided to do just that, as well as briefly describe the differences. The ground predator alarm is a loud, … [Read more...]

The Clucking Munk

Oh my, what praytell shall I post this evening? It's been a long, busy day, so whatever I do can't take too much effort. Let me see what I have sitting here on my desktop (computer desktop, that is). Hmmmm ... how about a recording of ... a couple of Eastern Chipmunks giving "aerial predator alarm calls" in response to a Broad-winged Hawk perched … [Read more...]