Wapiti Wailings

Although I don't get to hear it all that often, one of my favorite sounds is that of our native elk bugling during the fall rut. Wapiti, as it is know to the native Americans, is a formidable creature. Adult elk are avoided by even grizzly bears as those massive antlers can mean terrible injury or even death. Many an unwise tourist has been … [Read more...]

Owl Screams and Elk Bugles

Everyone knows that Barred Owls hoot, but have you ever heard a Barred Owl scream? I'm not talking about the hissy screeches made by begging young—I'm referring to full-bodied screams produced by adults? I have only heard this several times in my life and I've never been able to record it. In fact, I was of the opinion that nobody had a good … [Read more...]