Red Fox Screams

Here's a really amazing recording! This morning at 5:15am, as I walked out on my front door on my way to my car, a nearby Red Fox (I think) suddenly began giving loud barking screams, set against the dawn chorus. I was so very lucky to get this documented. My recorder was in my car, so I had to scurry to my car, hook up my parabolic mike, and … [Read more...]

Liberty Hyde Bailey

Quotations from The Nature-Study Idea: An Interpretation Of The New School-Movement To Put The Young Into Relation And Sympathy With Nature (first published in 1903 by Doubleday, Page, & Co). Without doubt the most powerful voice of the wonderful Nature Study Movement of the early 1900s, Dr. Bailey, both a scientist and philosopher, … [Read more...]

Rachel Carson

Quotations from The Sense of Wonder (first published in 1956). An eminent scientist with an undiminished sense of wonder, Rachel Carson captured the essence of our mission better than any other. We highly recommend her mindful and illuminating book, which has been republished a number of times and is readily available: "A child's world is … [Read more...]


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