The Limpkin and the Alligator

I want to tell you a funny story. Way back in 1989, during my early years of nature sound recording, I visited the Alexander Springs Wilderness Area in Ocala National Forest, not far north of Orlando, Florida. The date was March 29 and it was unseasonably hot and humid. I canoed about a mile downstream into the heart of the wilderness. At one bend … [Read more...]

Turtle Song

Every now and then I come across a sound event so bizarre and unusual that I can't believe my ears. Such was the case in late July of 2005. My friend Josh gave telephoned me and said he had caught a "singing turtle" and wondered if I wanted to record it. I was interested, of course, even though I figured he might be pulling my leg. Several days … [Read more...]

Gator Song

Ever heard an alligator growl like a lion? Well, the male does just that—it is thought to be a courtship call, heard throughout much of the South during the gator's spring breeding season. My friend Ted Mack and I obtained a good example during a visit to the Everglades National Park, where alligators are common: Dawn chorus in the Everglades … [Read more...]