Memories of Spring (Pilliga Goodnight)

It is the tenth of November, at dusk, and I am gazing at a picturesque bend in the Missouri River. The sky is pink and autumn leaves still cling to oaks on the hillside. Winter is almost upon us here in North America, yet I am immersed in fresh memories of spring from a faraway land. We have returned from our Australian expedition, arriving … [Read more...]

Off to New England

We're off to New England … New England National Park that is … where we will be participating in a survey for breeding frogs (see below for map showing park's whereabouts in relation to Newcastle). My personal goal while there is to record the deep croaking of the rare Sphagnum Frog (Philoria sphagnicolus) that lives in high altitude beech … [Read more...]

Pond at Dusk

Farmland pond at dusk featuring the sounds of insects, frogs, and birds. Photo © Lang Elliott, 19 October 2012, around 8pm, near Congewai, New South Wales, Australia. I love nature's mysterious voices of the night, and Australia provides a fabulous potpourri nearly everywhere, especially where there is water. The following recording, "Pond at … [Read more...]

Song of the Reeds

Yesterday evening, I sat quietly next to a marshy pond full of reeds. It was dead-calm and the marsh came alive with sound as darkness descended: Soundscape from a reedy pond featuring an Australian Reed Warbler. Recorded at dusk 19 October 2012 along the western edge of the Watagan Mountains near Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. © … [Read more...]

Acadian Twilight Song

Sometimes when I browse my collection in search of a particular recording, I stumble upon another that I'd forgotten about, a jewel that I had somehow overlooked. And this is what happened today, while I was searching for a recording of a Northern Bobwhite for a project I'm working on. The "jewel" turned out not to be the bobwhite, but rather a … [Read more...]

Dusk Portal

Our native thrushes often sing at dusk, just before going to roost for the night. I've always considered such songs to represent a transition into darkness, a "portal" into the mysteries of the night. In early June of 2000, I was lucky enough to find a Swainson's Thrush (Olive-backed Thrush) singing at dusk next to a small brook in the … [Read more...]