Earth, Air, Fire, Water

These NatureWatch profiles that focus on phenomena associated with earth, air, fire, and water.

Wings Over The Prairie

We've all seen waterfowl flying overhead, but few of us are aware of how much sound they make with their wings. In 1994, Ted Mack and I embarked on a six-month recording expedition. Our first project was to document the spring migration of waterfowl as they moved northward through the prairie states. For nearly two months, we worked numerous … [Read more...]


When I launch my soundscape series of products, I plan to include a title called "Songbird Portraits," which will include recordings of a variety of my favorite singers. These will differ from most of my other soundscape recordings in that individual singers will be prominently featured, even though embedded in a wide soundscape. The following … [Read more...]

Tinkling Trickle

The sound of water is universally soothing. Ocean waves washing in, raindrops falling on the forest floor, the trickling sounds of a small brook . . . all have deep and timeless qualities that help calm the mind. Many times in my life, I have sat for hours next to streams, absorbed in the mesmerizing soundscape that is at once changing, yet always … [Read more...]

Robin Brook

Common, well-known birds are sometimes the most difficult to characterize with recordings, especially if one desires to convey the mood evoked by the bird's song. The ubiquitous and well-known American Robin certainly falls into this category. Robins are easy to record because they sing loudly and prominently. But I've discovered that close and … [Read more...]

Water Speaking Water

Last autumn, I participated in a sustainability conference sponsored by The Finger Lakes Bioneers. I was asked to create an artistic rendering of water in high definition video and sound. The result was a three-part video called "Water Speaking Water" that features music by my friends Samite Mulondo (playing kalimba, and African thumb piano) and … [Read more...]