Grey Butcherbird Duets

During my last morning of recording in Australia, I managed to snag a real jewel … the musical song-duetting of a pair of Grey Butcherbirds. What a surprising and delightful "grand finale" to my adventure Down Under: Song duets of a pair of Grey Butcherbirds. Recorded at sunrise on 6 November 2012 in Karuah National Park, north of Newcastle, … [Read more...]

Magpie Composition

A true signature sound of Australia is the gurgling, bubbling melody of the Australian Magpie, a large black-and-white butcherbird of open country as well as forest edges and clearings. During our recent trip to New England National Park, I was very fortunate to record the contagious singing of a group, in farm country just outside the … [Read more...]

Muskrat Ramble

Ever heard a muskrat squeal? Well, I had no idea they even made any sound until I heard the following recording by my buddy Ted Mack. During a visit to Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge during the spring of 1994. One morning, Ted set his soundscape microphone in a grassy marsh. To his amazement, a pair of muskrats soon swam by, squealing … [Read more...]

Wings Over The Prairie

We've all seen waterfowl flying overhead, but few of us are aware of how much sound they make with their wings. In 1994, Ted Mack and I embarked on a six-month recording expedition. Our first project was to document the spring migration of waterfowl as they moved northward through the prairie states. For nearly two months, we worked numerous … [Read more...]

Wapiti Wailings

Although I don't get to hear it all that often, one of my favorite sounds is that of our native elk bugling during the fall rut. Wapiti, as it is know to the native Americans, is a formidable creature. Adult elk are avoided by even grizzly bears as those massive antlers can mean terrible injury or even death. Many an unwise tourist has been … [Read more...]

Breezy Wheezy Singer

The songs of our native thrushes are typically described as being flutelike and ethereal. This description works pretty well for Wood Thrush, Hermit Thrush, and even Swainson's Thrush, but it isn't accurate when it comes to the songs of the Veery, Gray-cheeked Thrush, and Bicknell's Thrush. These latter species have ethereal and musical songs, for … [Read more...]


When I launch my soundscape series of products, I plan to include a title called "Songbird Portraits," which will include recordings of a variety of my favorite singers. These will differ from most of my other soundscape recordings in that individual singers will be prominently featured, even though embedded in a wide soundscape. The following … [Read more...]

Pasture Dawn

Hello, Wil Hershberger here. One of my favorite times of day is dawn. From first light through sun-up, as the world awakens and song returns to the earth I get a feeling of renewal, of rebirth. I feel invigorated for the rest of the day. A particularly magical morning occurred last summer near my home at a large pasture along a lonely country … [Read more...]

Beaver Mumblings

It is difficult to capture great soundscapes that feature the voices of mammals. Why? Because most mammals keep pretty quiet as they go about their business. Sure, coyote and wolf packs sound off with great enthusiasm every now and then, squirrels and chipmunks chatter and chip when excited, and deer snort and bound away when alarmed. But for the … [Read more...]

Raven Resonations

Today, I spent some time searching through our sound archives in hopes of finding something special that I had overlooked. I was not disappointed. I uncovered the following wonderful recording of Common Ravens, captured by Ted Mack in Alaska in 2002. I was unable to find the exact date and location, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it … [Read more...]