Cerulean Warbler Video Portrait

placeholder image for Ceruleanwarblervideo clip

When I first arrived in Missouri, I was charmed by the beautiful, spring-fed streams that abound in the Ozark Plateau region of the state. These streams attract legions of canoeists for summer float trips, which have been a frequent pastime for me and my family and friends. This region offered a new bonus when I became interested in birds. For years I had no clue that elusive and gorgeous Cerulean Warblers were singing and nesting in the trees above me as I drifted along. In recent years, I have hauled my video camera and microphones to the Meramec, Eleven-Point and Big Piney Rivers and Huzzah Creek, where most of the shots in this video were made. To learn more about this beautiful and threatened bird, see the recent blog entry by Wil Hershberger.


  1. Excellent excellent video! I have never seen or even heard a Cerulean Warbler. I love the Carolina Wren and other warblers singing in the background.

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