Chipping Sparrow Trilling

April 23, 2010, Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, 7:15 am:

An hour or two after recording the dawn song of a Chipping Sparrow (see Chipping Sparrow – Commonplace Bird), I was able to collect some video of the same bird singing “normal” songs:

placeholder image for Chipping Sparrow Trilling

The male is sounding off while perched on a steel cable fence next to a parking lot. Note that another Chipping Sparrow is singing nearby and the two are alternating their songs (for the most part). Songs of a Yellow-throated Vireo and a Northern Parula Warbler can be heard in the background.

The Chipping Sparrow is quite a handsome bird. Viewed in the right light, his varied earthy tones and chestnut cap are rich and saturated. He is no ordinary little brown bird . . . he is one of the most colorful of the sparrow clan!


  1. Excellent footage! I too have seen Chipping Sparrows sing on conspicuous perches. I love to watch it every time. They also come to our feeders quite a bit in spring and summer, but lately I have seen several come to the feeders. Chipping Sparrows stay in Michigan until about November.

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