Cradle of Spring

OMG, I have discovered the Cradle of Spring. This one spot, It’s all happening here. I’m so excited I can’t contain myself.

photo of Blue-winged Warbler

I’ve arrived at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in western Kentucky. I’m camped at my favorite spot. Although it was dead quiet at dusk and through the night (except for distant hooting of barred owls), I was blown away by the dawn chorus.

It started a bit slowly. First I heard a Northern Cardinal, and moments later a Carolina Wren chimed in. Then, to my surprise, a flood of warbler songs: Louisiana Waterthrush, Northern Parula, Prothonotary Warbler, Hooded Warbler, and Blue-winged Warbler (plus I caught sight of a Prairie Warbler). All these warblers back and its only the 19th of April! I’m so surprised.

Also singing were Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, White-eyed Vireo, Solitary Vireo, and my favorite of the vireo clan: the Yellow-throated Vireo. Not to mention various residents, including Wild Turkey, Canada Goose, American Crow, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, and other species that I can’t remember right now. Did I mention White-throated Sparrows? I could hear their soft, disjointed whistles from a tangle of shrubs not far from my camp.

In the early morning hours, I busied myself with sound recording and managed to capture fine recordings of at least six or seven species. Not bad, huh? I’ll be sharing those recordings with you over the next couple of days, once I get over the shock of this amazing spring time diversity. I also got terrific video footage of White-eyed Vireo and Blue-winged Warbler. The still photos adorning this post are frame grabs from the video clips. In the days to come, I hope to post these and numerous other video clips of singing birds, gathered at this magical spot.

photo of white-eyed vireo

Needless to say, I’m very happy with this development. My week of being in a depressed mood has lifted. Nature is a tonic, and its Manifestation as Spring is the strongest tonic of all.


  1. I love it when spring is on the way. I take it that Land Between the Lakes is an excellent birding spot. Also, Kentucky Lake, which is in the area, is one of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing lakes in the entire US. You should post the video of the Blue-Winged Warbler. I think it’s not on here.

  2. Thanks for giving us northerners hope that it’s on the way. I live for this time of year. Everything I know about birdsong I owe to you.

    Thank you,

  3. Felicitations–sounds like you hit Nature’s jackpot! I’m looking forward to sound and video. The frame grabs are lovely.


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