Eastern Meadowlark – Whistler of the Meadows

See-Yee-See-Yer or Spring-O-The-Year whistles the Eastern Meadowlark from its perches in meadows and along roadsides in rural areas. It is perhaps my favorite song of the grasslands of eastern North America.

placeholder image for the Eastern Meadowlark video

These clips were gathered at Bradford Farm Experimental Station, an agricultural research facility of the University of Missouri (about ten miles east of Columbia). Although I goofed a couple of times—I somehow didn’t press the record button at one critical juncture—I am quite happy with the results. Last year, I tried several times to capture footage of a meadowlark near my home town of Ithaca, New York, but four trips yielded marginal results and left me feeling frustrated. Now the curse is broken and I’m rarin’ to give it another go, if the weather permits.


  1. Excellent video! I too love the song of the Eastern Meadowlark, though somehow I don’t hear it much in the wild. However, I’m not sure if this is still true, but I’ve read from sources that are years old, that they are declining in Michigan. The reason why I’m saying if it is true, is because the IUCN Red List ranks it as Least Concern, and says it is increasing throughout its range.

    The Bradform Farm Experimental Station seems to be a good birding spot, because I’ve read a number of blogs from you with videos and recordings from this place.

  2. Just gorgeous. I love to listen to this song rambling over the fields early in the morning. It is so peaceful and quieting. This is certainly a favorite.

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