Scarlet Tanager – Flame of Spring

Well folks, I’ve managed to snag some pretty good video footage of a singing and calling Scarlet Tanager. What an unbelievable bird—lucky for me he didn’t catch the forest on fire!

placeholder image for White-eyed Vireo clip

Now it’s late afternoon and time for me to quit laboring away at the public library in Cadiz, Kentucky, and get myself back out into the field.

Thy duty, winged flame of spring, is but to love and fly and sing.

James Russell Lowell


  1. Excellent! The Scarlet Tanager is one of my favorite songbirds when it comes to color. The last time I saw one was May 26, 2012, at Warren Dunes State Park. Warren Dunes State Park is in southwestern Michigan, not far from the coast of Lake Michigan. It is ranked as one of the bird birding locations in the entire state, and from personal experience, I know why.

  2. Incredible. So close! I loved the segment in which he’s on the alert. Man, you are so on a roll.


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