Gray Treefrog Video Portrait

A chorus of frogs enlivens the night at Cool Pond in West Virginia. At this time of the season the chorus is dominated by Gray Treefrogs, Hyla versicolor, a species that occurs from Maine to Minnesota and south to east Texas and southern Virginia. This individual was singing from the lower branches of a willow at the water’s edge. Yarrow’s Honeysuckle berries gleam in the background.

I was wading knee deep in the pond to get to the location where he was singing. Getting the lights in place and the camera and tripod positioned without scaring him off was a task. He really tolerated my activities as he was consumed with other tasks. This video was shot with a Canon 5DII, 180mm macro lens using Cyclops LED lights. Audio was captured with a SoundDevices 702 and Sennhieser MKH 20 microphones.

Gray treefrogs can be very well camouflaged when they are sitting in their environment. Below is a photo from David Lapp that shows just how well a Gray Treefrog can vanish into the substrate.

Gray Treefrog by David Lapp© David Lapp


  1. Excellent videos! Gray Treefrogs are a common sight on porches and windows in forested areas. I always love to hear the songs of Gray Treefrogs on a warm late spring or early summer day.

  2. Awesome! I see that you have moved into the video realm as well and with great success. I love what you and Lang are doing with this site. I am going to send the link to all my friends.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Gray tree frogs don’t typically singing in the morning. If it is very warm perhaps. I mostly hear them singing after sunset till perhaps a little after mid-night.
    Thanks for commenting,

  4. Thank you very much Tom. I was amazed that he tolerated my lights and moving around to get the video.