Guanica at Dusk (nightjars & cloudscape)

While visiting dry tropical scrubland near Guanica on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico, we recorded the Puerto Rican Nightjar, singing at dusk. Bob got some amazing closeups and I recorded a relaxing soundscape that features two nightjars, along with the eveloping whoosh of ocean waves washing into the shoreline about a quarter-mile away.

Guanica at Dusk

Ocean Waves rushing and Puerto Rican Nightjars singing, recorded at dusk in dry tropical scrub forest near Guanica, Puerto Rico. 7pm, 23 March 2013. Copyright Lang Elliott.

As the soundscape unfolded, truly amazing things began happening in the sky. It had just rained, and dark clouds floated about, alternating with blue sky and sometimes bright windows or tunnels through which sunshine could be seen. The photo featured below blows my mind in more ways than one. Let me know how it effects you:

Guanica Cloudscape at Dusk


  1. Lang, your website is awesome. I am so grateful for it. Is that Puerto Rican Nightjar “Chuck Willow’s Widow”?

  2. Was wondering if you would attempt to record this endemic nightjar species. Another success! I didn’t get to hear them when I was in PR. The cloud photos are great. The pictures and sounds give the impression of a really wild place that the more tourist-oriented sites on the island can’t match.

    • Actually, there was a very popular resort just down the road, a favorite among both residents and tourists. It’s the beach that attracts them, even though the sand is muddy in these parts. Luckily, hardly any of those folks venture into the dry forest, which is rather boring unless you have a strong interest in nature.

  3. There is a face in that cloud-sunscape. The sun is the eye in a profile looking left. My eye is trained to a Darwin poster the NYBG did of Darwin looking to the right with his eye a honeybee.
    Its the ole man of the clouds with a sunshine eye.
    Loved the nightjars.
    I’m Melissa Groo’s mother!

  4. I’m sending this link to friends from PR so they can experience the place in a wholly new and magical way. Thank you.

  5. Very nice track, Mr. Elliott, but with all due respect, how can you actually lay copyright claim to the sounds of our Creator’s nature? Some how, that just seems so wrong

    • Iris: I agree, but for the sake of my business I must do so, just as a professional photographer copyrights an image that he/she has taken (or an artist claims ownership to a painting of nature). My goal is to share via this blog and facebook, but still retain copyright to my work. It’s just a business-thing, nothing more than that. sorry to offend.

  6. amazing stuff you share in the moment and we can share I it, instantly. Thanks for everything you do Lang…an awesome website, resource, blog –and wow what a collection of Nature you are gathering for all of us to enjoy and share in! Be safe, enjoy and keep your head up! 🙂 From your picture I am guessing one faulty move and you would be under water— although from what I’ve seen so far- your underwater sights and sounds would be just as amazing- Thanks again!!

  7. Did you get word that we have discovered some old 1985-86 Know Your Birds programs and that Lab of O digitized them. Second one I listened to was. YOU and Know Your Frogs !!!!

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