Wildflower Play Video — Halleleujah!

Halleleujah! I’ve finally managed to post some wildflower video clips, thanks to a high speed connection at the public library in Cherokee, North Carolina.

placeholder image for An Open Door video clip

These clips represent several of my first attempts at videotaping wildflowers (and a couple of other critters) in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They include dolly moves made with my snazzy new “pocket dolly,” pull focus, pans and tilts, etc. I’m encouraged, but I’m discovering this is not an simple endeavor. I find myself fumbling with my equipment and struggling, often unsuccessfully, to get my camera positioned correctly. Plus I really need to study my clips in my studio . . . it is very difficult to assess technical quality correctly while on-the-road, using a small laptop. Still, the results are encouraging, in spite of problems with “jitter” on certain dolly moves.

Especially problematic is that I’ve had nothing but sunny, dry weather. No dripping foliage, no dewdrops—much too dry to my liking. And it’s been far too windy. The flowers start dancing early in the morning, forcing me to quit work before I’m ready to.

But I’m still positive. At least I’m not just sitting around on my butt! (well, truth be told, I’m almost always sitting on my butt when I’m shooting video). Please stay tuned . . .


  1. I love this series of clips! Somehow I never thought of wildflowers as video subjects, but here they were mesmerizing. The effect is as if one is finding them oneself, or sitting and looking around. Nice to see the critters too, especially the snail delicately extending one antenna.

    You’re on a good path…


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