Horned Lark – Cornstalk Songster

Here are some Horned Lark video highlights from yesterday evening, May 11, gathered just before sunset at the Bradford Farm Experimental Station near Columbia, Missouri. Beth Bannister did the sound recording while I videotaped the bird, who sang from the tops of broken cornstalks. Note that the male mostly sings normal brief songs, but a single extended or complex song is given right at the end:

placeholder image for Horned Lark video

For more information about the Horned Lark’s high-pitched, tinkling songs, check out my earlier post, Horned Lark Flight Song.

There’s more! In the twilight of dawn on May 5, also at Bradford Farm, Beth snagged a wonderful three-minute long recording of a male giving extended songs from a ground perch. This is a beautiful recording, and here it is in its entirety:

Horned Lark singing extended song in the twilight of dawn from a ground perch. Recorded by Beth Bannister at Bradford Farm Experimental Station about 10 mile east of Columbia Missouri. May 5, 2010, at 5:30 am.


  1. Excellent videos, and excellent recording as well! I once saw a Horned Lark flying way up, while giving its flight song. It was quite a sight. This was on May 5, 2012, at a cornfield.

  2. What a gorgeous recording Beth. Very nice! Amazing how he just goes on and on.
    Lovely video too. I really like how they raise their “horns” while singing. Marvelous.

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