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photo of Lang with a basket on his headOk, I admit it, I’m a basket case. But that doesn’t mean I’m no fun!

Spring is upon us and I am about to take off for the Smoky Mountains and other destinations. I would very much like you to follow my adventures by checking out my Facebook posts.

Originally, I had intended to post about my trip on my Facebook “business page.” But I’ve recently changed my mind in favor of posting to my “personal profile.” This is because Facebook doesn’t allow me to post simple video-podcasts to my page using my new iPhone, even though it easy to do (almost trivial, in fact) if I post to my profile.

Therefore, I invite all of you good and faithful blog followers to become my Facebook friends so you can follow me as I gallivant around in nature’s primordial soup. If you’re not already my friend, please visit me on Facebook and send me a friend request. Unless you have a very bad reputation, I am sure to oblige:

Lang Elliott’s Facebook Profile

Note too that I intend to keep a google map of my journeys that will be visible on the home page of the web site (ironically, I can’t find a way to post that map on my Facebook personal profile, though it is easy to post on my Facebook business page).

Sooner or later, Facebook will come around and give me all the business page features I need, including the ability to automatically post videos from my iPhone. When that finally happens, I will shift the action to my business page and ask all my Facebook friends to move from my profile to my page, where you will no doubt “Like” me for all the bad jokes I’ve told, for all my horsing around, and for the little bits of wisdom that I inadvertently let fall.


  1. Hi! Great site! Love all the information! I’m trying to figure out what bird is singing this particular song here in my back yard and thought it might be an Oriole but just not sure! If not do you have any suggestions as to how I can find out? Oh Oriole is my favorite bird, then Humming bird and the Eastern Wood Pewee are tied for second. I want my back yard to be full of birds of all kinds so I’m trying to figure out just how to get them all here.
    Here’s a GREAT Question for you…..HOW do I keep the black birds from eating ALL the birdseed, they are not big on left overs! lol! They are more than welcome too but they eat all the food as fast as I get it out and don’t leave anything for the rest of them.

    So great to meet you..will add you to my fb but gotta get back to checking out your site for now!!

    Hope you’re having a Blessed day!


  2. I’ve been following you mostly on my Vienna RSS/Atom reader and in iTunes. REALLY enjoy your sight. and what your doing.

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