Jumping Spider Interlude

Jumping Spider Interlude Video

Jumping spiders can be very cute to look at — as long as you are a human. Their prominent central pair of eyes are large and endearing. However, jumping spiders are voracious ambush hunters. They lie in wait for a hapless critter to wander by. With lightning speed they pounce on their prey and begin to feed. It is a very good thing that jumping spiders aren’t the size of a german shepherd or we would be in real trouble.

Watch the video and see how this spider combs his whiskers. Isn’t he dear? However, he never jumped! I believe that it was too cold for him to be jumping. Stay tuned—I’ll get some video of these spiders jumping this coming season.


  1. Love the video, I wish more people appreciated spiders! Fascinating watching him stroke his chelicera as if it was a beard! Excellent video!

  2. Wonderful! I love to watch jumping spiders, and I actually once saw one slowly stalking a fly, but it missed, as it got closer and closer to the fly.

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