Kentucky Warbler Video Portrait

In spite of it being a cold, dreary, drizzly, breezy morning (here in Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky), I managed to drum up a Kentucky Warbler and grab some nice footage. And here it is, without further ado:

placeholder image for Kentucky Warbler clip

The Kentucky Warbler is appropriately named because Kentucky is in the heartland of its breeding range (the species was discovered in Kentucky by ornithologist Alexander Wilson in 1811). The song of the male is variously described as sounding like churry, churry, churry or churrup, churrup, churrp. The common call is a sharp chip.

small range map of the Kentucky Warbler

UPDATE: It is now April 27 at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky. I heard my first Wood Thrush this morning, singing in the rain! The weather is supposed to improve tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get lucky and capture Mr. Woody on video (assuming, of course, that he was on territory and not just migrating through).


  1. Excellent video! Here in Michigan, the Kentucky Warbler is a very rare (but annual) migrant, and they occasionally breed here. I have never seen or heard one, and that’s probably because of the reason. Warren Dunes State Park is a good spot to find them, as well as Lost Nation State Game Area.

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