Mole in the Ground

photo of a mole

I just stumbled upon a traditional American folk tune called “Mole in the Ground.” It was written and sung by banjo player Bascom Lamar Lumsford in 1928 and has been performed by hundreds if not thousands of old time musicians in the years since.

I like this song because some of the lyrics refer to animals, and it kicks off with the mole: “I wish I was a mole in the ground.” This got me enthused, and after listening to a few versions by others, I decided to pen my own lyrics, leaving the mole at the beginning but adding a new lineup of critters and making the song quite a bit more animal-oriented and kid-friendly. So here is the grand result of my efforts! Let me know what you think, but please pardon my singing … I’m NOT a professional, but I don’t sound too bad, do I?

[mejsaudio src=”″ width=”640″]Lang Elliott singing his own personal version (with new lyrics) of Lunsford’s “Mole in the Ground”

And here’s a photo of Lunsford in his later years, accompanied by one of his animal friends:

photo of Bascom Lamar LunsfordBascom Lamar Lunsford


  1. I wish I was a Bee in the Hive.
    I wish I was bee in the Hive
    Cause if I was bee in the Hive
    I would celebrate your alive
    O’h I wish I was a Bee in the Hive………..

    Brought a tear to my eye… What a fabulous song sang and penned by a fabulous person x

  2. Joan Brown says:

    Great tune!

  3. That was great… Love you voice! Careful what you wish for though! Your love of nature comes through strong!

    • I wish I was an acorn on the ground.
      I wish I was an acorn on the ground.
      ‘Cause if I was an acorn on the ground.
      A squirrel would gobble me down.
      Oh I wish I was an acorn on the ground.

  4. Lisa Bertuzzi says:

    What a lovely, witty, and creative tune. Makes me love nature more and more. Thank you…..

  5. That was great, Lang an you are a very good singer. Maybe the start of a new and differen recording career.

  6. Yes, when I got to the toad I couldn’t help but chuckle, in spite of the stress of singing into a microphone.

  7. Dorothy says:

    Yep, that’s right righteous. Well done! Love the little chuckle just as you start the “toad in the weeds” verse.

  8. You did that song up right! Love the song and your backup singers.

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