The Music of the Spheres

photo of sunset with quote by Hazrat Inayat Kahnphoto of Hazrat Inayat Khan
I just re-read a brilliant and illuminating essay entitled “The Music of the Spheres,” by Sufi master Hazrat Inayat Kahn (1882-1927). It is wonderfully written and resonates within me at the deepest levels. I believe everyone who loves nature and life should read it. Here is a passage that is particularly relevant to my life’s work:

“What appeals to us in being near to nature is nature’s music, and nature’s music is more perfect than that of art. It gives us a sense of exaltation to be moving about in the woods, to be looking at the green, to be standing near the running water which has its rhythm, its tone and its harmony. The swinging of the branches in the forest, the rising and falling of the waves—all has its music. Once we contemplate and become one with nature, our hearts open to its music. We say: “I enjoy nature,” and what is it in nature that we enjoy? It is its music. Something in us has been touched by the rhythmic movement, by the perfect harmony which is so seldom found in this artificial life of ours. It lifts one up and makes one feel that it is this which is the real temple, the true religion. One moment standing the midst of nature with open heart is a whole lifetime, if one is in tune with nature.”

Read the entire essay here (and view some beautiful wildflower photos as well, with a gentle babbling brook and musical songbirds sounding off in the background).

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