Old Field Medley

photo of an overgrown field

I spent most of today selecting and editing recordings for a title I will call Gentle Bird Songs. This compilation is meant to be fairly relaxing, but at the same time engaging. I guess I’d characterize these recordings as inducing a relaxed yet alert, and joyful state of mind. The recordings are mellow enough to play in the background while doing something else, yet engaging enough that someone could listen intently and practice identifying the bird songs and calls.

The following track, Old Field Medley, will be part of the compilation. I made this recording on a farm near Brooktondale, New York. The habitat was an old field that hadn’t been mowed in perhaps eight to ten years. Open areas were still thick with goldenrod, but shrubbery was taking over and there were numerous clusters of white pines. This complex habitat was the home of a diverse selection of birds. Listen for Common Yellowthroat, Mourning Dove, Blue Jay, Chipping Sparrow, Field Sparrow, American Robin, and a distant Rose-breasted Grosbeak. To my utter delight, a Black-billed Cuckoo chimes in toward the end:

Dawn chorus in an overgrown field, 5:09 am, 2 June 2010, near Brooktondale, New York. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

My question is: Is it okay to include this track in a title called Gentle Bird Songs? Or is this recording simply too busy? What if you play it at a fairly low level? Note that Twittering of the Birds will also go in this compilation. Figuring out appropriate titles for compilations drives me over the edge . . . &!##)(**!!


  1. I just love hearing that mourning dove with a very slight echo as it reverberates off the trees. I found this relaxing; now I will have to listen to the woodpecker interlude again and try to note why I didn’t find that one so relaxing.Don’t worry; nothing subjective about my opinions. (Smiles.)

  2. I do not find it busy, just robustly full, a match to the stunning accompanying photo. Watching that photo as I listened I believe I saw the clouds begin to drift and the treetops sway, for certain I felt the soft sun, smelled the fresh air cleaned by those evergreens. Delicious on all counts.

  3. Lang,
    I think this recording is perfect for your forthcoming title. To me, it is relaxing, yet still engaging. I love it!

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