Orchard Oriole Video Portrait

Though not as flashy as its cousin the Baltimore Oriole, the Orchard Oriole’s chestnut-red feathers seem almost iridescent when illuminated by a low angle sun (just after sunrise and just before sunset). The following footage was gathered on May 7, 2010 at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area not far south of Columbia, Missouri. While the male sang his warbling song a few times for us, he mostly gave calls, particularly his raspy chack or chackack alarm calls and his trademark chick-SEE!

placeholder image for the Orchard Oriole video clip

The song of the Orchard Oriole is a lively warbling with a wide pitch range that includes rich piping notes and guttural sounds.

Orchard Oriole songs, 5:30am, 27 May 2005, Prairie Rose State Park, western Iowa. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

Here is a recording of an Orchard Oriole giving excited alarm calls, ranging from simple chuck notes to brief rattles:

Orchard Oriole calls. 7:30pm, 24 April 2005, Tall Timbers Research Station near Tallahassee, Florida. Recorded by Lang Elliott.

The Orchard Oriole ranges throughout the eastern half of the United States but is notably absent in most northern areas.

Range map for the Orchard Orioleclick for large map with color codes


  1. Excellent, excellent video! Wonderful chorus in the background of the video. For some reason, the Orchard Oriole singing in the first recording reminds me of a Purple Finch.

    I like the cricket frogs and the kingbird and Mourning Dove in the second recording.

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