Painted Bunting Video Portrait

placeholder image for Painted Bunting video clip

Today is a dreary, rainy day in Columbia, Missouri, with no possibility for getting new video or audio. So Lang and I worked on editing material from previous trips. When Lang saw this video, which was shot last summer in Jefferson City, he was keen to go there himself. But Painted Buntings are not always there, and now it’s a bit too early and much too cool to invest in a search for them. So we are soon off to the Ozark Plateau of Missouri, where we hope to see Cerulean Warblers and other nesting warblers that reside along the beautiful spring-fed streams of that region.

This is my second blog entry and provides a study in contrast with my first one of a Mourning Dove: a calm fellow with a modest demeanor and a subtle beauty (Mourning Dove Portrait). The Painted Bunting a gaudy fellow who hardly ever pauses while singing a rapid series of sweet notes. I recall seeing a male for first time when I was a teenager in Georgia, and for the first time I was impressed with an animal that was not a reptile or amphibian.

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  1. We live in central Georgia zip code 31082, I saw my first ever painted bunting today 8/3/14. What a beautiful bird! He was feeding at the feeder in our yard. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see him again. We are watching for the female now.

  2. Excellent! I’ve always wanted to see a Painted Bunting. In Michigan, strays end up here in some years. Such a beautiful bird, with its multicolored plumage.

    I think its funny how you and Lang headed to Missouri to look for Cerulean Warblers, and you saw them, and now you have a blog and video showing them.

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