Samara Update

Hey there everyone! I have no idea how many folks are following my blog (a few or a dozen or more?), but I need to explain why I haven’t been posting videos over the past few days.

The reason? I haven’t had enough time to do the editing and uploading to YouTube.

I’m in the Smoky Mountains and I’ve collected some very nice footage of several species of trilliums, a violet or two, squirrel corn, redbud, a slug, a giant red mite, plus more. The weather has been “too good,” meaning sunny and dry. I pray for some rain, or at least a good bit of morning dew. Tomorrow I will work on Spring Beauty, Dutchman’s Breeches, and whatever else I find.

Sorry that I haven’t posted videos, but maybe sometime soon I’ll be able to do that. If I get a nasty windy, rainy day, I’ll work all day and share with you some of my nicer stuff. Until then, enjoy this shot (video frame grab) of a backlit red maple samara taken just before sundown. Lovely background, don’t you think?

photo of a maple seed


  1. Love the delicate colors and textures! The ubiquitous little wonders are all the more amazing because we too often miss them in our hurry. I wonder if that’s part of the stress of being too “civilized”: Needing supernormal stimuli to get our attention.

  2. Gorgeous. I love the backlighting. Can’t wait to see the video. Sounds like you are getting a lot of nice material and having a wonderful time doing it. What more could you ask for?

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