Society of Aspiring Poets

The Society of Aspiring Poets

I have decided to join the ranks of the aspiring poets, to become a member of their society in hopes of I’m not sure what. We are quite a club—we all live together in a tight cluster of white houses, glued together and planted on the side of a hill. And from the safety of our comfortable dwellings, we spin poetry as wonderful and varied as our nests, and we wonder why the world responds with a “ho” and a “hum.”

Click the photo below to see what it really means to “be different.”

a photo of five truck beds, all looking more-or-less alike


  1. I mean, those houses are a real opportunity, for cacophonous individualism or a coordinated all-for-one artistic installation. Either way could be fun.

  2. Interesting, how many grades of “different” there are.

    No two houses will be the same inside and none of the trailers are identical–and the one second to the right is shyly eccentric.

    But I can’t imagine why folks in that white house cluster don’t rush out and paint them all different colors.

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