Song Sparrow Video Portrait

The Song Sparrow is very common in the countryside surrounding my hometown of Ithaca, New York. Although I haven’t worked very hard at obtaining stellar footage, I did have manage to pull off two productive video sessions last spring. In one, the bird was illuminated by the rich yellow-orange hues of the rising sun. In the other, bright overcast skies yielded more neutral lighting. The best clips from both sessions are featured in the following Song Sparrow Portrait video.

placeholder image for the Dickcissel video clip by Lang Elliott

The lively high-pitched song of the male Song Sparrow is often heard on cold, clear mornings during late winter (the species is resident year-round in my area). Males continue to sing well into summer, especially if there is a second nesting.

click for large map with color codes


  1. The Song Sparrow is resident in my area to. Excellent video quality. I always watch videos like this on HD. While the HD videos take a short while to load. It’ll be totally worth it at the end when you see a video like this.

    There’s many birds in the background. Did you blend in a soundscape, or is this video unedited, besides the title?

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