Spring is Here!

O Frabjous Day, Callooh! Callay! We chortle with joy ’cause SPRING IS HERE (well, not quite yet) and greenly spirits leap the trees while birdies sing. We shout the infinite, natural YES!—touching, hearing, seeing, breathing, as banjo strings its true blue song to spring:

What else is there to say?

Banjo © Richie Stearns. Nature recording © Lang Elliott. Prose by someone on drugs (okay, we don’t want to point any fingers, but we have to acknowledge Carroll and Cummings for their respective contributions).

photo of a White Trillium


  1. Lang, your website is uplifting, inspiring and just plain great!!

    Regarding Ncholas’s comment above about being visually impaired, I wonder if you could create a page where the audio would play automatically?


  2. Jerry is right. I am visually impaired, and I am currently unable to listen to the audio.The other format that you usually use works great with my screen reader. Is there any way you could make this available for me, because I really would like to listen to it.

  3. As a banjo frailer, big fan of both poets, and a naturalist this plucks my heartstrings in so many ways. Made my morning and filled me with hope for spring. By all means thank you. I’d really like to know what that tune is, it’s so familiar.

  4. Brilliant! Anyone who listens to this and manages to resist toe tapping, head nodding, and sporting a googly sunstruck grin … hmm, you’d better check for a pulse 🙂 I like maestro woodpecker’s timely contributions.

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