Twittering, Piping, Trilling

pond at dusk (from istockphoto) the wonders have surely begun.

tonight, i hear woodcocks twittering
and whimpering above the field.

a lone spring peeper piping weakly
at pond’s edge.

a screech-owl trilling softly
from forest next to my friend’s house.

nocturnal magic, purely felt and smelled.

at dusk, i had noticed a robin alarming;
me-wonders now if he had seen the little owl,
peering from a tree hollow, anticipating
sweet moist darkness.


  1. I stumbled upon this poem and even though it is late May, I can so feel the mood of that April night. I, too, am inspired to poetry when moved by natural events. This winter I wrote one called “January Snow” about animal tracks, and then another in Feb. called “The Redpolls.” Keep the poems coming! Safe and happy trails around the Rockies and elsewhere!

  2. How beautiful. You can truly feel what you are seeing & hearing. How I miss such beauty of nature as when I lived on Lake Washington in Seattle; Kirkland to be exact.

  3. Nature’s muse is powerful in spring, and it’s lovely to read the result of its engaging Lang’s inner voice. A soundscape is hardly missed, no need of it to add charm or veracity to the prose … the wonder is all in the words.

  4. Thank you Rhonda. I look forward to my next visit to the Valley, though I don’t know when that will be. This June I’ll be wandering around in the Rocky Mtns, maybe even out to the Oregon Cascades should I get excited enough.

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