Water Speaking Water

Last autumn, I participated in a sustainability conference sponsored by The Finger Lakes Bioneers. I was asked to create an artistic rendering of water in high definition video and sound. The result was a three-part video called “Water Speaking Water” that features music by my friends Samite Mulondo (playing kalimba, and African thumb piano) and Sunita Staneslow (playing folk harp):

Water Speaking Water, a video by Lang Elliott, Samite Mulondo, and Sunita Staneslow

The three sections are: 1) An Open Door (footage from northern Alabama gathered last spring), 2) Water Abstracted (footage from around Ithaca, NY and the Adirondack Mountain region, gathered during the spring and summer), and 3) Autumn Lullaby (footage from around Ithaca, NY, gathered in mid-October.

All three sections feature the sound of water with subtle bird songs in the background. The soundscapes are all eminently relaxing, at least I think. Let me know if you agree (please leave a comment!).


  1. Wow, these are really gorgeous. The dancing of water and the musical and bird accompaniment is superb. I could watch a lot more of these and relax into a puddle. 🙂

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