White-eyed Vireo Portrait

Things are happening so fast that I’m having trouble finding time to edit and post video clips. After just two days at Land Between the Lakes, I’ve managed to get very nice video footage of singing White-eyed Vireo, Blue-winged Warbler, Prairie Warbler, and Northern Parula.

This morning (April 21), I snatched a delightful sequence of a White-eyed Vireo singing in a thicket of shrubs and small trees in the middle of a clearing. Although I haven’t mixed in the final audio (which I recorded separately in stereo), here it is with the inferior monaural sound registered by the camera itself (a Canon EOS 7D with a 500mm lens and 2X teleconverter).

I rather like the muted understory lighting, which the 7D handled very nicely. Also note the soft, out-of-focus pastel colors in background. Let me know what you think!

placeholder image for White-eyed Vireo clip


  1. Excellent video! I have never seen or heard a White-Eyed Vireo thanks to their rare status in Michigan. They are increasing in Michigan however, and spreading their range North. Who knows, if one day their range could cover all the lower 48 states at the rate they’re going. You should post the videos of the Northern Parula singing, which I’ve also never seen or heard.

  2. Hay Lang:
    I check your blog every once in a while for some inspiration.
    What a gorgeous video. And you’ve probably got your Crown SASS perfectly placed to capture the audio in stereo. You’re good!
    best . . . don

  3. Beautiful vireo movie! Thank you for the camera details. The audio is exceptionally clear, with an “open mic” quality placing the singing vireo in the context of a morning chorus. Very nice. I expect your parallel recording made use of a parabolic reflector and will be more focused. Would love to hear that recording beside this one, and read a few words about the audio equipment that captured it. Thank you for this blog. It’s marvelous!

  4. Incredible how the video and audio, even in mono, is so beautiful! As Wil says, can’t wait to hear it in stereo. I agree…the soft pastels create a perfect background! What a team you have…your patience brings each experience to our eyes and ears with such integrity!

  5. Very cool! This is terrific footage. I love how he extends his neck when he sings. I wonder why?
    The audio is amazingly good for right out of the camera. I can’t imagine what the stereo cut will sound like.

  6. That’s amazing!!! It’s great to be able to watch him sing. I know your photos and your recordings, and now we get both. Way cool. I’m impressed by the contrast in focus between (well-camouflaged!) bird and background.

    That is all.
    Carry on.


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